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[platypus] Lightning Runners

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Todd and I (aka Gopherwood Studios) had a blast working on Heartbeat - Lightning Runners; check it out! Developed in collaboration with Digital Eskimo for the University of Western Sydney, this puzzle-platformer is aimed at addressing health and culture with aboriginal children in Sydney, Australia.




It's built in HTML5, using Platypus and CreateJS for the game engine and rendering and Tiled for the level layout and design.




Let us know what you think!


(from our blog)

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Brilliant game, I love seeing polished HTML5 games. 


A few things I would like to see is;

  • A WASD option for controls.
  • The jumping / platforming is ok, but some platforms I felt were too small and when I jump I felt like I wasn't in full control.
  • The brambles that hurt you really need to be better shown, I had a few frustrating deaths because I couldn't make them out.

Apart from that it is a great game and hopefully it helps teach kids about aboriginal culture


PS I love the boomerang mechanics.

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Glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure how much if any post-release work the client intends to do on the game, but if it comes up we could potentially revisit some of these.


Yes, playing with the boomerang became a working distraction more than once. Todd and I had informal competitions seeing how long we could go without catching it...


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