Exported armature/bones animation into babylonjs, not working playing

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Hello everybody!


I'm having a problem with armature/rigging/bones animation in Babylonjs after exporting from Blender.


There is no animation at all, although the animation is playing in Blender perfectly!


I wanted to configure Babylonjs options in Object data like I usually do for meshes, no problem with that.

But when it comes to Armature object data, there is a Babylonjs option, but it's empty, no configurable at all. Maybe that's why animation is not playing.

But when I downloaded the

Blender to Babylon.js exporter



The Blender export plugin supports the following features:

  • Meshes
    • Name
    • Geometry (Positions & normals)
    • Position
    • Rotation
    • Scaling
    • Texture coordinates (2 channels)
    • Vertex colors
    • Visibility
    • Check collisions
    • Billboard
    • Receive and cast shadows
    • Bones (armatures) and bones' animations
    • Animations

Clearly it says that it supports bones/armatures and their animations!


So, can you help resolve this issue, please?


Maybe you could download the files here and check them out:




or here



Thank you!


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Hi web - welcome to the forum.


Can I ask what your code is for loading the animated cylinder scene into a web page?


The cylinder seems to animate here


I did apply a little fix to get the animation to work properly - but it animates without that fix but just a bit oddly


cheers, gryff :)

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