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how to add my custom Property to Phaser.Sprite (using TypeScript)

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Hello guys,


I read already and understand that in javascript it's free to add any custom property into any object.


but i just get started Phaser with TypeScript because of I have experience in strong-type language like C#.
I use its type-strict and don't want to use "any" type in order to use intellisense, that make i cannot add custom property to sprite object.


Could you mind to tell me how to solve this problem ?  


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 there are 2 oprtions:


1) subclass Phaser.Sprite like:

class MySprite extends Phser.Sprite {     private _myCustomProperty: number = 10;}

2) add property dynamically like:

// write: sprite["myCustomProperty"] = 10;// read: console.log(sprite["myCustomProperty"]);

 I use both ... most of times first one if I am also adding methods or more than one property or if I am using new property widely in code. Second if I am adding only one property and using it only on limited places in code (for example: in last game we have map with levels and I added level number in this way to level sprite as only place where I needed it was in on click callback)

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@jouniii: I understand, that you can add new property by adding it to interface like this:

interface Window {    myString: string;}window.myString = "Hi!";

because Window interface already exists and additional property definition will be merged with it.


But how can I do it with Phaser.Sprite, which is defined as class (not as interface)? Can you, please, give small example?

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