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Bug / Strange behavior with Copy

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Hello folks,


after nearly over an hour of debug action, I found something strange.


I create an object out of some smaller objects using merge.

After that, I keep one "original" in background with "isVisible = false".


Then, if the settings change, I throw everything away and copy this "original".

Set material, size, etc...

Then I create instances of this.


But I always had an error within babylon while copy. 


The first time it works as expected.

But the second time I use copy with this "original" object, I have this error:

(Line 27524: CANNOT SET .references OF UNDEFINED #ERROR)

for (var kind in this._vertexBuffers) {  if (numOfMeshes === 1) {    this._vertexBuffers[kind].create();  }  this._vertexBuffers[kind]._buffer.references = numOfMeshes; <==== CANNOT SET .references OF UNDEFINED #ERROR  if (kind === BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind) {    mesh._resetPointsArrayCache();    var extend = BABYLON.Tools.ExtractMinAndMax(this._vertexBuffers[kind].getData(), 0, this._totalVertices);    mesh._boundingInfo = new BABYLON.BoundingInfo(extend.minimum, extend.maximum);    mesh._createGlobalSubMesh();    //bounding info was just created again, world matrix should be applied again.    mesh._updateBoundingInfo();  }}

I noticed, that after copy, in Mesh._geometry._meshes a mesh had been added.

This happend in the new copy as well as in the original one.

That's the reason the second round it has "numOfMeshes = 2" and runs into this error.


I have no idea why this happens or why the orignial mesh is affected by copy function?


I ended up with this (ugly) workaround:

function getBarType2() {  var Clone = window.BarType2.clone("Pfosten Typ 2");  window.BarType2._geometry._meshes.pop();  Clone.isVisible = true;    return Clone;}

With this, it works as expected!

Can anyone explain what happens here?



Have a nice day



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