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[WIP] Have - nifty gameplay - Wanted - ideas for game progression

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Ohoy good people


So, I started making a new game a few days ago, and so far i sort of have a simple fun game play.... you jump around planets collecting coins and try avoid suffocating in the cold empty space (in short) - thats all very well... The problem is I can't decide which direction to take the actual game progression and that's where you guys come in. 

So far i see two approaches,

1: make it a level divided action/puzzler where you have to find you way across the galaxy from point A to B ... perhaps with the need to collect certain items on the way.

2: the infamous endless runner approach.... procedurally create planets, hazzards and so on - trying to visit as many planets as possible before inevitable ending up in cold oxygen depraved grave. 

what would you prefer??? any brilliant ideas are more than welcome icon_e_smile.gif 

game is playable on both mobile and desktop 

tap to jump ... tap som more for endless double jump 

tap( jump) + swipe to dash in swipe direction 

run out of 02 and die (just refresh page to go again) 

uhh and her's a link  - >

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