Get already loaded json file from atlasJSONHash

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I have loaded my assets for my state like :'game',  null, assets);  

Inside there i have an entry for an atlasJSONHash 

{      type: 'atlasJSONHash',      key: 'images',      textureUrl: 'images.png'    }

The atlas is loaded just fine and i can use it without problem. 

My Atlas json file is a custom one since i pass some extra values that i want to read later on for some calculation and i don't know how to do it. 

If re load the json from scratch i get one more request so i end up with two images.json files clientside. 


The key "images" is available from cache but i cannot have'images');

it returns with "haser.Cache.getJSON: Key "layout" not found in Cache."


Any idea ? Thanks!

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On 14/10/2015 at 2:23 PM, rich said:

I don't completely get what you're after - but I think you want to use your own json file for the atlas data, and then get access to that json at a later date from the cache?

Yeah, that seems to be the case. I've tried to do this before, I think (or something similar) and realised that the actual JSON was discarded by the loader.

As such, I just provided the data I needed separately and I explicitly load it as a JSON file so I can retrieve it from the cache later.

This is what I'd suggest for you, @geros. Load your extra data for the atlas separately and match it up once everything has loaded.

Edit: Sorry for the necro, I misread the dates. This was brought up in the Phaser Slack.

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