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Looking for FreeLance Work (Pixel Art && Computer Science Educational Content Creation)

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Dear Public,

    Looking For Paid Pixel Art Freelance Work. I am willing to Negotiate hourly or set wages for my

pixelated artwork. Please Describe The Types and Dimensions in the Emails. Paypal Accepted.

- Will Create Education Course Content Also .

- Will Make Sprite Sheets w/ Animations or Individual Custom Images.


    The Images Below are from an Indie Game I am Creating for PC . Devil's Deal expected release 2015 .Game Features :2d Isometric Puzzle RPG Shooter .Play as 4 different Unique characters battle Hundreds of Fully Animated Enemies Boss Fights  Pilot Vehicles Use Special Abilities and much much more.


Looking for Sponsorship to Support a website 2016.

DarkCybernetics is an Educational Website which teaches people about Computer Science Skills

by motivating Students and Educators with Enjoyable Content. Full Courses on  Algorithms

Data Structures, Computer Vision, Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , Game Design to name a few.



Contact me:


Thank you for your Support. - Under Construction 2016

All Rights Reserved 2015.


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