how to use require.js dynamicly

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I'm not using require.js - so I'm not be able to help with require.js updates


In a metter of fact Phaser has built in script loader - if you prefer to load scripts dynamically instead of including them in the index.html file

Also progress bar will show script progress if you decide to use built in script loader.


more info here:

simple example:

prealod: {  game.load.script("myScript","myScriptFile.js");}

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On 23/11/2015 at 5:24 AM, manupro said:

i has realized that the lasted version require.js doesnt work with Phaser editor. today i had tried to download 1.8 version and it work normally :(

You can look into the requirejs template in the Phaser repo, it says:


 I haven't yet fully decided whether RequireJS is the right way of modularising a Phaser game.

So, as @stauzs said, to load it via phaser loader seems to be the right way to do it. In Phaser Editor there is the asset pack editor that helps to load the assets (including the scripts) in a visual and assisted way.



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