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Assets Manager and Video Textures

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I'm running into an issue regarding the Assets Manager and the Video Textures :


When loading a sound, here is an example of code that works very well, using Assets :

var binaryTaskSound = assetsManager.addBinaryFileTask("s1 task", "sounds/sound1.mp3");binaryTaskSound.onSuccess = function (task) {	music5 = new BABYLON.Sound("s5",, scene, soundReady, { loop: true});};

Now when I want to load a Video Texture using the same method, it doesn't not seem to work anymore :

var binaryTaskVideo = assetsManager.addBinaryFileTask("v1 task", "videos/Cocoon720p-Synced.mp4");binaryTaskVideo.onSuccess = function (task) {	var videoTexture = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", [], scene, false, true);};

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