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[Tutorial] Reddit's Image Scraper and what games could be made using Reddit JSON data

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Hi all,

Regarding Reddit JSON API, you can get a JSON document by adding /.json to any Reddit URL. This can be used to extract various data from any subreddit making an image viewer/browser for instance. Furthermore, all images and their data scraped from a Reddit JSON could be also used to make some simple games.
Here are some ideas:

  • guessing which of two images has a better/worse upvotes score
  • guessing a right range of upvotes for an image choosing between 2 or 3 different ranges
  • guessing a title of an image choosing between 2 or 3 different titles as fast as possible

So I decided to create a game based on some of these ideas in HTML5 using Phaser framework. But first of all, I need a tool for scraping images from a Reddit JSON file and I made it. The application and a short tutorial about its creation with the fully commented source code can be found here:

In the next step I will try to make an HTML5 game using database of images generated by this tool.

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