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Haxe Pixi - InteractionManager mouseMove is too damn high !

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I've got a problem that is starting to impact the performance of my game and I found through profiling that the MouseMove & ProcessMouseMove,

are binded to the window "mousemove" event.


They do fire correctly, but I simply need them to fire once per frame. ( They fire 5 - 10 times per frame which is normal )


Is there a way to do this in pixi with interactionFrequency, or do I need to do some hack ?


Thanks in advance :)



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you need to check sturcture of containers..


pixi is always check all containers..  so if you use containers not having some plan to struct. you can be encountered....


if you reduce containers  or if you use interactveChildren parameter.. 

you can optimize more..

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I've made a work around that works well

var mouseMaxCallPerFrame = 1;
var mouseEventCallThisFrame = 0;

var renderer = Pixi.Detector.autoDetectRenderer(1600, 900, {});
var oldMoveFunction = renderer.plugins.interaction.onMouseMove;

var newMoveFunction:Dynamic = function(event):Void {    
	if (mouseEventCallThisFrame >= mouseMaxCallPerFrame) 
	oldMoveFunction (event);

renderer.plugins.interaction.onMouseMove = untyped newMoveFunction.bind(renderer.plugins.interaction);


Just remember to reset to 0 "mouseEventCallThisFrame" at every game loop.

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