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Off Camera items,

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hey guys, 


so I have been using phaser for a few weeks now. In my game, I have my camera following my character as the progress through a bottom-top level. what I have been trying to do is, have any objects that the player by passes and if the object falls out of camera view, I would like to destroy the object and respawn it higher in the level. I have found a few other posts about this but from the suggestions there, I have not been able to make it work. so far my code for the objects is as follows:-

            var rPipe = platforms.create(480, 220,'rightpipe');            rPipe.checkWorldBounds=true;            rPipe.body.immovable = true;            if (rPipe.y >{             rPipe.kill();               }            var lPipe = platforms.create(0, 104,'leftpipe');            lPipe.body.immovable = true;

As you can see, I have the rPipe checking that it's own position every frame, however if it was to have a greater Y position than the game camera plus the stage height then I would destroy it.


Any help would be appreciated and if you need to see more of my code then let me know. 

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