BabylonJS + Multiplayer code

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On 4/4/2016 at 4:37 PM, Threedy said:

It seems that CannonJS is the bottleneck so far (and I don't think there is a better Javascript 3D physics engine performance wise at the moment).

Oimo is faster, but has less features.

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it would be safe to bet you are not using clones or instances of your cube mesh, and are calling a new draw for all of them.

It's not babylonjs related since I have tried adding only 250 boxes on Cannonjs only (so without Babylonjs, on the server). It then gave the lag.

It could be something different I am probably missing though, with cannon. Perhaps I need to use some sort of copy regardless inside of Cannon I'm yet not aware of?

I understand from another forum topic that the server loop on the client side and server side (in terms of physics) should be the same? So for cannon, let's say 1/60 as timestep? 

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