Want to make a Bingo game but im a littel bit confused

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Hello everyone and thanks for paying attention to my post. I want to make a multiplayer Bingo game and I don't really know where to start / which framework should I choose to work with. Anyone can help me and give me a little bit of lead/push towards the project? I have no past experience in game developing except for some Phaser tutorials 

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Stick with what you know, Phaser is great, build on what you already know and try to get something finished.

Just a quick word of advice, multiplayer is hard, very hard and there arent many off-the-shelf engines/frameworks/whatevers that will help you, although there are plenty of libraries. I would advise looking in to as it is very easy to use, the api is good and concise and it is well supported, but it is a library to help manage websockets rather than a framework (frameworks by design hold your hand more, whether that is a good thing or not is up to you). You could even use regular ole AJAX requests, although a bingo game controlled by a server that pushes out updates sounds far more fitting for a solution using websockets.



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Thank you For Your Reply. I am a beginner, 

Demo Link -

I want to make game like this, I don't know how the bingo ball flow down, and align. That is the major part. I try using tween, but in browser tween make some pblms. i want to make  for all device including windows. So don't know where can i start. Please give some instruction i need to move physics for ball flow. 

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