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Greetings everyone!


My name is Jens Kiilstofte and I represent a dedicated team of composers and sound designers each with distinct areas of expertise.

We collaborate, share and work together to ensure the absolute highest level of quality.

From minimalistic electronica, explosive sound design and breathtaking ambience recordings to huge hollywood pieces and beyond, we can deliver anything your heart might desire!


Services we provide

  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Field Recording
  • Sound Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering



Sci-fi Cinematic Epic

Classic Cinematic Epic

Afterglow - Dark Ambient/Glitch


Electronic Dance Music


Sound Design:



We can work with most budgets, from indie to AAA, and anything in between. Send me an email and we’ll figure out the best option for your project. :)




Previous Clients:

  • Apixal
  • Handyman Studios
  • Membrain Studios
  • Corning Optical
  • Danish Broadcasting Corporation
  • Muha Games
  • Red Tie Productions
  • Emperor Gaming
  • Immersive VR Education
  • Tomodomo
  • VMAX Magazine (DHB AfterMovie)


Additional Information:


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