[Phaser] Kidmons presents four games for kids

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Hello everyone!

The Spritted team has realized that there is a big lack of HTML5 games for the little ones at home, and that’s why we have created We have used Phaser for the video game development because of its great efficiency on mobile devices, which is perfect for your kids to have fun and learn with your tablet.


Selfie Stickers

Let your craziest creativity flow with Selfie Stickers. In this game you can upload a photo or choose one of the default photos. Once you have made your choice you will be able to decorate the face with the funniest and more ridiculous stickers ever. And once your masterpiece is done you can download it or print it and show off your creative skills with your friends.

Put some stickers here.


Tiny Sketch

Release your inner artist! Grab your paint brush, crayon or whatever other painting tool you wish to choose and let your creativity fly away. It works perfectly on any device, but if you try it on your tablet you will feel just as if you were Da Vinci.

Do some sketches here.


Puzzle Safari

Take a walk through Nature’s most impressive landscapes and learn how these cool animals are called. The first levels have less puzzle pieces, but as you progress it gets more complicated.

Bring some order in here.


Coloring Game

Painting and coloring blank drawings is the best way to let your son’s creativity flow. A green cat? Why not?

Color your cat here.

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Kidmons App

Hello again,

Now you can play Kidmons on your mobile with our new crosswalk app. Download it for free and have fun with an awesome performace at your mobile device.

Download it here



Also, we have released four brand new games for kidsarrow-10x10.png on kidmons.

Piano online

Make you own funny music with our piano.

Let's make some music here.


Puzzle 4 kids

Fill the silhouette to discover the image.

Finish some puzzles here.


Simon memorize

Train your memory skills with th classic Simon Game.

Play Simon here.


Puzzle for kids: wonders

Take a walk through world  most impressive wonders. The first levels have less puzzle pieces, but as you progress it gets more complicated.

Enjoy the world wonders here.


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