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Twisted Bark - A Pixely Forest Critter RPG

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About a month into development now and having a blast making this.

What's black and white and might have rabies? Don't let the mask fool you, this raccoon is a hero. Set in a fantasy woodland where trouble's brewing, our ring-tailed hero must explore, quest, and fight to survive.  Nocturnal critters armed with high explosives and not a workplace safety poster in sight: that's right folks, things are going to get crazy.

Twisted Bark is a pixely open-world style RPG. Gain experience completing quests and fighting enemies. Explore as far as your ability and level will allow you.

Implemented features:

  • Dynamic lighting
  • Particle effects
  • Quest platform (currently 1 quest fully implemented and working on #2)
  • Slash Attack
  • Dynamite item/attack
  • Health Bar
  • Experience points / level system
  • Some enemy AI

For more info/screenshots or to subscribe to updates by email, see the website:

Open to any CC/feedback/ideas! Thanks for reading.




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