The new Physics Engine architecture

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14 hours ago, jerome said:

huge doc ... !!! :):)

To everyone who never tried to write a full doc so far, what is a long and painful work, I can assure that this Raanan's production is really impressive :)

I understand the sacrifice of ADDITIONAL time on top of the time spent writing the code itself. My goal is to able to understand how to use modules from the source code, but I'm still just getting a grasp, and it boosts morale to be able to PRODUCE stuff in the meantime. Time appreciated and well spent.

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Hi RaananW. You say that " physics rotation and position is automatically updated" with new Physics engine architecture. 

I tried with a simple sample: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1MLACF#2 but it doesn't seem to work (If I rotate the box and sphere in WORLD space so that the sphere is on one side of the box or at the bottom, it is not attracted bot by the -y gravity as it should. I tried with and without (as it is supposed to be automatic) the updatePhysicsBodyPosition() calls but it is the same)

So could you please tell me how to update physics after a rotation (I made a topic for my issue:



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2 hours ago, Gugis said:

Any news on energy.js? I wonder if it will work on server side (node.js)? Also is it going to be released this year? :D

I just looked at the videos for this, is that someone in our community developing energy.js? This library looks awesome.

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