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Hi there,

I'm building a game again and want to use a few of the old setting from last year.
Anyway, I'm getting this error:
Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: font key: UniversLTW01-67BoldCn

I'm using default font in ME and then later just replace the string 'Arial' with 'UniversLTW01-67BoldCn' in the data.js file.
It works when using the 2.2.0 version of phaser but not with the current one. Any hint would be very much appreciated?

The font is also not showing up with the 2.2.0 version. Where do I set the path? Because for the pure html it does get loaded and applied vio styelsheet, though.

Thanks in advance, Henryk

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MightyEditor has a feature to automatically load and convert font files and add CSS rules - however, this feature seems to be broken with a global phaser/PIXI update a few months ago.
Right now, I have fixed it for the online MightyEditor version.
On the github I have only updated critical bug in the mt.helper.js - to fix error you have mentioned: Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: font key
I will add the rest fixes in the next few days.

Basically you need to upload your font: UniversLTW01-67BoldCn (drop on the map or use the upload button in the assets panel) and ME will make additional formats and will add corresponding css rules - so browser can load and use font.
You can type in any font directly from google font e.g. ( Indie Flower ) - and ME will download it automatically ( just make sure font's license allows you to use it in your game ;) ) 

Sometimes ME may fail to load or convert font ( it uses fontforge to convert fonts on the server ).
When it does so - generated CSS rules will be correct anyway. To fix broken font replace the broken (missing) font files with the real ones in the final game version.

Font files are automatically placed in the /Fonts/{Font Name}/{Font_file_name}.[ttf, woff, eot]



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Thanks a lot for your effort! I'm using the online version.

I was now making sure, the font gets used (and loaded) before in a sort of "please wait" div. From that on it was working.

I remembered the dragging in and all this. But it did not work properly. Could have had several reasons. I was only a bit confused by the error message. Thought there must be a url path somewhere in the js files.

Anyways, it ist working now.

Super fast response, once again.



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