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Odometer animation using Pixi.js

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Some days ago I've started developing an animated odometer written in HTML and javascript, which I intend to use on a rpg game that I am developing. Right now, I am facing a problem regarding the animation.

The description of the problem as well as the source code can be found here:

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    var actualHP = document.getElementById('actualhp').value;
    var newHP =  document.getElementById('newhp').value;

    actualPP = document.getElementById('actualpp').value;
    newPP =  document.getElementById('newpp').value;

    var difHP = newHP - actualHP;
    var difPP = newPP - actualPP;
    var difHPPixel = difHP * 48;
    var difPPPixel = difPP * 48;

These values are the same every update. I dont understand what do you want to do with that, your problem is not connected to PIXI or animation, its pure algorithmic problem.

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I dont know, you just have to understand how to write a game loop , I studied it looong time ago in Turbo Pascal 5.0 :)

1) You have to mark which variables are actually current state of your counter.

2) Write a code that will update it based on DELTA TIME between current frame and previous. Use "" to know about milliseconds.

3) Write a code that translates your state into PIXI components.

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