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i want to learn to make games with html5, never made any games before, please tell me good resources, where to start? and please tell me good editors where it's possible to immediately view the changes made in code. thanks in advance. 

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On March 8, 2016 at 8:27 PM, staff0rd said:

Interesting - any background on that?

It's a high-level interface, optimized for simplicity, to a pure Pixi 3.x renderer.

It smoothes out a lot of bumps, inconsistencies and debatable design choices in Pixi's API, so that you have a nice and easy to make interactive objects.

(But, it also gives you access to the global `PIXI` object so that you can do low-level Pixi coding if you want to.)

And, it includes whole bunch of useful built in-features for game design and general interactive application design.

You get a fixed-tilmestep-variable-render game loop, built-in sound file player, sound effects generator, easy asset preloading, a built-in preloading bar, a full suite of 2D geometric collision functions, and a full suite of collision functions for tile based games.

It will also parse Tiled Editor maps, and import Texture Packer formatted texture atlases.

The aim of the project is simplicity: to get as much done, writing as little, declarative code as possible


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