Math Logic: how to create a particle explosion in random directions with SAME speed?

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Hi guys,

I'm no math genius so here is my question. How do i create a particle explosion where each particle moves to a random direction with the same speed? There is probably a simple solution but I can't figure it out. Thanks!

So like in pseudo-code:


particle.xVelocity = Random

particle.yVelocity = Random

particles.push(particle) // This array now contains particles that move in a random direction with the same speed



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you could do something like this for example.

Your start is the center, radius is velocity magnitude (speed) and dx and dy are your velocities, randomize angle from 0 to 2 * Pi.

dx = radius * cos(angle)

dy = radius * sin(angle)

Or mathematically the exactly same solution with pythagorean theorem:

velocity ^ 2 = vx ^2 + vy ^ 2

Velocity is your constant which you set (same for all particles if you want them to move with the same rate), randomly set vs or vy and calculate the other one. Leading you to

velocity = constant

vx = some RANDOM number

(velocity ^ 2 - vx ^ 2) ^ 0.5 = |vy|  (absolute value)

randomly pick plus or minus as a sign for vy and you are good to go.


And let me know if it works I don't have enough time to make sure I didn't miss something right now :-).

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Thanks Azrael!  Your first solution with PI works like a charm.

But now i have another problem, i would like the particles to travel in a certain region (a slice from a circle). For example a region (0 degrees to 210 degrees).

I hope you can help me out, thanks ^^


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if you are going with the cos and sin equations (those two equations are actually equations of circle) then just narrow the angle.

Instead of from 0 to 2 * Pi you can use a different angle interval to randomize from. You can even use 3 * Pi, there is a period of 2 * Pi so anything above will reproduce the values periodically, but you can use that periodicity to your advantage.

The equation graphically is a circle with radius and angle which starts at the righter most part of the circle (angle goes anticlockwise!), so if you want your particles to aim directly in the top direction you can just either set your velocityX = 0 and velocity Y = someNumber or use the circle equations and set the angle to Pi / 2 (that's 90°): x = radius * cos(Pi / 2) = 0, y = radius * sin(Pi / 2) =  radius * 1 = radius. So if you want any other direction just use different angles. From your picture it seems that you want these extremes (first one is NEGATIVE!): < - Pi / 2; 3 * Pi / 2 >  (< and > means that both values are INCLUDED!).

If you are using standard web interpretation where point [0, 0] is at the top left corner of your window (in math it's usually bottom left in high school) then you will need to do a slight adjustments because your circle is reversed (y values increase towards bottom of your screen not towards top as you know math) I will leave these to you it's fun ;-). Don't forget you can even adjust equations with different sign ;-).

You can simply google circle equations and you will get a lot of example with pictures. Anyway angle needs to be in radians, so to make that easier for you 0 degrees = 0 radians, 360 degrees = 2 * Pi. That should make your calculations easier, either that or just use google, it will calculate your values for you if you just input them in the search bar and ask for conversion.

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