Simple Branded Games Required

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We are looking to hire freelancers producing SIMPLE branded HTML5 games for us to integrate in our software systems which run in Web but mostly mobile devices (Tablet and Smartphones)

What we mean by banded games are such which portray a brand and logo, such as the following examples.

- For CocaCola, a simple game about putting beach balls into bear noses

- For Rezona, a deodorant brand, a simple game about smashing smelly bacterias

- For Seven-11, the convince store, a simple game to assemble a hot dog putting the sausage, bread mayo, ketchup, etc.

- For a artist, such as Madonna, select out of 10 song names the ones she actually sang

- Many many more options according what each brand is about and what game makes sense for the user to play a little bit with the game

What is the purpose? It varies but

Gain access to promotions, enable wifi access, show a URL with a goodie or prize, etc.

If you are interested and better yet if you can get me some samples, send email to

PS Payment will be "by the game", by deliverable with all fully debugged and tested code.


Juan L Aguirre

Dalai, Inc.




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