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[Phaser][WIP] Bubble Shooter

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here i post my project of a bubbleshooter with WIP-graphics and WIP-gameplay :)

it'just the beginning...

i need some inspiration and ideas to make the game

-not too easy (challenging)
-with random levels - which are possible to solve
-increasing diffifculty
-unique gameplay anyway

How the game works so far:

Goal: Clear the stage.

Shoot the bullet on the board,

if the colors (and symbols) are matching the game piece is deleted,

if not, they swap the colors,

the rainbow-stone is a  joker, u can shoot it on any game piece and it will be deleted from the stage.

If Stones get deleted, u get a random colored new bullet (shown on the right under preview)

Now there are no algorithm included to make the game possible to solve, as i said im starting with it just.

So i hope maybe someone has inspirations or ideas to make the game challenging.

Thanks for comments!

Here the Link:



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Hi thx for playing it :)

Yes there is no algorithm included to check if its possible to win !!!
It's a working draft, and I must think about the gameplay, maybe stones like the joker with special abilities, and of course an algorithm that creates a board where a solution is possible but still random.

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The game reminds me of Magical Drop (from 1995 for Neo Geo). That's a pretty cool game, you could try to remake that?

As it is now; when switching bubbles, the animation should represent this switching, so have the top buble move down or something like that. And when clearing bubbles, I think it's more logical to also clear any adjacent bubbles with the same color, not just only the two bubbles.

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