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[Phaser] [App] Trump on Top - NEW web version

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Trump on Top

IOS version (new)

Android version

Browser demo version(new)



Trump on Top, Spritted’s new game for Android based on physics.

We have used Phaser 2.4.4 for the game development, the P2 for the physics, Phaser Virtual Joystick plugin, TexturePacker to create the SD and HD atlas, particle storm plugin to make the particles and the phaser-debug plugin to optimize and correct errors. In order to adapt it to Android we have used Crosswalk latest version which offers quite an acceptable efficiency.



The  mechanics are very simple, smash your opponent´s head against the floor before he does it to you.



Either one or two players can play this game at the same time. 



Fill up you mana bar and use it to increase your power.

Choose between the Democrats or the Republicans. Unlock 20 different players. 




Finish the game with all the players unlocked to get new skins.

Feel free to leave here some feedback, I will really appreciate it. We´re still improving the game and every advices will be taken into consideration for futures updates.

Download IOS version for free here

Download Android version for free here

Play browser demo version for free here

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15 hours ago, san40511 said:

i didn't launch your app. Just rate 5 stars. But on screenshots it looks fun)) One question. How do you fix bug with sounds on android 4.4? Media plugin?

We didn´t have that problem using the latest Crosswalk with Android Studio. I think it was a Phongap/Cordova problem.

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Neat art and concept but the AI is OP to the point that I either don't have to do anything and they will kill themselves or regardless what I do I lose both rounds with minimum damage. Don't know what you values are for them but it felt more like outcome was random based on the AI player rather than my inputs.

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