[Phaser] Surge Rescue Game - KONGREGATE

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Surge Rescue Game Demo

Really impressed with the Phaser engine, took me just under a week to build this: Game Here

It's pretty much ready to go, just looking for some more feedback and testers to improve and polish it a little more before uploading the live version. All suggestions welcome, and any critiques, feel free to be as brutally honest as necessary.

Controls: Mouse Only. Player will follow the mouse and click to use his attack. Keep your follower alive.

For those that can't play it, for whatever reason, here's a short screen capture:




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Thunder effect is just awesome.If you plan to expand the game, it could be a very nice multiplayer game. There can be teams of defenders and enemies while people you have to protect can be AI. You could have missions, buildings, etc. Really liked it.

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