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I have an opening screen to my game where the use can press any key to start.

I implemented this using:, function() {

My problem is that this callback persists over into other states, so if I press any key it always take me back to my Menu state.

I've looked at the Documentation and tried both:, null, null, null);


Neither of which did the trick.

I then simply replaced the callback with:, function() {});

Which seems to have solved the problem.

2 questions here:

  1. Is there a cleaner way to do this?
  2. Would having an empty callback like this impact performance in any way?

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Maybe you could instead use, and nullify it when done with it?

By the way, states have a shutdown() method called when the state is shutdown, so I guess it would be quite clean to nullify the onDownCallback method there.

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