Texture Atlas wrong position

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I use texture atlas for tiled map. I use firefox. Today i run my game in Google Chrome and saw border between tiles.


Each tile on the left is from one pixel to the previous. Just like positiion.x - 1px. I don't know what i can do. Help me please.

var loader = PIXI.loader;
loader.load(function() {
    var texture = PIXI.loader.resources[Resouce.name].textures["grass.jpg"];
    texture.baseTexture.scaleMode = PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST;
    var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);




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I thought Shoebox doesnt need windows. There are three ways

1. use https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-picture  (example code  http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=picture&f=border-artifacts.js&title=Border%20artifacts&plugins=pixi-picture&v= )

2. use pixi-tilemap but to reduce artifacts your tiles must be SQUARES

3. pack textures with a border and reduced border artifacts option.

The first way is naive and slow, while the second and third way are effective.

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