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"this._vertexBuffers[kind]._buffer" is null while cloning

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I have the following error when I try to clone an object.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'references' of null



What can I do? Why does this happen?



Best regards



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I think I've found it. I sometimes had leaks while cleaning up (disposing).

I had similar problems some minutes ago while using CSG.

I would highly appreciate to throw an error when the object is disposed or _geometry is null.

For example:


Babylon.js -  CSG.FromMesh - Starting column: 31193

var indices = mesh.getIndices(), positions = mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind), normals = mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind), uvs = mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.UVKind);

// ============>
If indices,positions, normals or uvs are null or there aren't any submeshes
there will be unforeseen results
Better would be to throw an error

// <=============
            var subMeshes = mesh.subMeshes;
            for (var sm = 0, sml = subMeshes.length; sm < sml; sm++) {
                for (var i = subMeshes[sm].indexStart, il = subMeshes[sm].indexCount + subMeshes[sm].indexStart; i < il; i += 3) {
                    vertices = [];
                    for (var j = 0; j < 3; j++) {
                        var sourceNormal = new BABYLON.Vector3(normals[indices[i + j] * 3], normals[indices[i + j] * 3 + 1], normals[indices[i + j] * 3 + 2]);
                        uv = new BABYLON.Vector2(uvs[indices[i + j] * 2], uvs[indices[i + j] * 2 + 1]);
                        var sourcePosition = new BABYLON.Vector3(positions[indices[i + j] * 3], positions[indices[i + j] * 3 + 1], positions[indices[i + j] * 3 + 2]);
                        position = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(sourcePosition, matrix);
                        normal = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(sourceNormal, matrix);
                        vertex = new Vertex(position, normal, uv);
                    polygon = new Polygon(vertices, { subMeshId: sm, meshId: currentCSGMeshId, materialIndex: subMeshes[sm].materialIndex });
                    // To handle the case of degenerated triangle
                    // polygon.plane == null <=> the polygon does not represent 1 single plane <=> the triangle is degenerated
                    if (polygon.plane)
            var csg = CSG.FromPolygons(polygons);


I had some troubles to find the problem. In this case "polygons" is an empty array and will lead to some "funny" errors in the result mesh (after subtract, union, whatever) ;-)


Thank you and best regards



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