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Edges Rendering after CSG

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Here's Feldspar's initial post... telling of his CSG system, and what it's based-upon, in case you want to take-on the challenge, @KevinBLT.

My dog got scared and ran under the refrigerator (how does he DO that?) so... it is likely a "formidable" challenge (a genuine pain in the butt).

I always wondered about the extra indices seen in CSG results.  It might be highly-dependent-upon the SOURCE meshes.  Possibly, the source meshes must be initially plotted rather symmetrically, and not optimized.  For example, there are at least 2 ways to put a cap on a cylinder.  One is the sea-shell fan-out method, and the other is the wagon wheel method (a point in the center and requires 1 more face than seashell).  I would suspect that wagon wheel caps survive CSG operations better than seashell... due to symmetry.

I could be wrong, though.  Kevin, you might want to find @Feldspar and have a discussion with him about this issue... before taking-on this mission  (should you decide to try CSG improvement). 

And, if you DO go after this, drop me a PM too, so I can have a medical team, booze, drugs, ice-packs, psychologists, and a petting zoo... standing-by to relieve some of your CSG troubleshooting pain.  :D  I believe this challenge is best handled... by someone who enjoys pain.

(Just having some fun, guys.  Improving CSG would be wonderful... but I think it's wise to have bandages and aspirin nearby.)

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