Is there actually a way to wrap or scroll the texture of a rope?

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The rope documentation says


A Rope is a Sprite that has a repeating texture. The texture will automatically wrap on the edges as it moves.

As the texture moves? The rope? I've tried moving the rope around and adjusting the crop and frame of the texture, but nothing works.

I'm using ropes for waves in my game (orangesea.oddkraken.com), and I want to scroll the texture by while keeping the waves moving up and down, so it looks like the player is moving to the right.

Is there a better way to go about this?


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I can't catch a break here. I tried changing it so the waves are TileSprites instead of Ropes. It already doesn't look as good, but there's also a glitch at the top edge of each TileSprite image:


Those horizontal lines that I boxed in red are the top edges of each wave image. I'm sure there are no opaque pixels there in the PNGs, so what's going on here?

You can take a look at the update at http://orangesea.oddkraken.com/test EDIT: I've taken this test page down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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WebGL has this problem, I think, where if your textures are packed too tightly in your atlas they bleed over like that. Try adding some margin before packing your sprites.

BTW: Phenomenally beautiful game you've got there. That art style is great!

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