Rigged and Animated Character is showing up semi transparent (teeth visible through lips, eyes visible through eyelids, etc)

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@FbFGlobal_Dev: Hi FbFG - welcome to the forum :)

Hard to tell from your image, but my first thought is the normals of the skin mesh are wrong and need flipping.

In the image below - a human head - the normals are correct in A, but the wrong way around in B. As you can see, in B you see the eyes and mouth look weird :wacko:

So try flipping your normals.

cheers, gryff :)


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Thanks @gryff !!! :D

The images you sent at first glance look like it's exactly what's happening.When I checked the normals, they were all facing outward and there didn't appear to be any rogue ones. To further detail what I'm seeing, the front of the head geometry is showing up, but appears to go transparent as it faces the center of the camera, allowing the teeth and eyeballs to be totally visible rather than being obstructed by the lips and eyelids.

 Thank you for the quick response though!  Is there anything else I should look into? Could it be due to intersecting faces (ie the eyes actually intersect the head, teeth intersect the top and bottom of the mouth, etc)

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