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ProcEngine v1.1 (Open Beta)

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Hello Everyone,

I am Ahmed Khalifa, known as Amidos. I am a PhD Student and Indie Game Designer/Developer. Recently I was developing couple of roguelike games and everytime I start to develop a new game, I have to create an algorithm to generate the map from scratch.

I got an idea inspired by Nicky Case (Emoji System Post) and Kate Compton (tracery). The idea is to have a library that is super flexible and powerful enough to be used to generate maps for games (not only background tiles but also player, goal objects, enemies, and ...etc). From here I got the idea of ProcEngine.

ProcEngine is a step toward having a unified opensource library for different map generation techniques.


  • 2 different room spawning techniques (equal split/tree division)
  • Spawn objects and have room structures using advanced cellular automata rules (inspired by Nicky Case)
  • Define any number of names (and max count) as cellular automata objects
  • Define any type of neighbourhood as a 2D binary matrix
  • Define any probability to spawn new object on the generated map
  • Connect/Delete unconnected parts in generated rooms and maps
  • Use more than one cellular automata rules either to have new generating layers or smoothing the generated level
  • Debug attribute to print what's happening after each step in the system.

Link to the project: https://github.com/amidos2006/procengine

The project is still in Beta version, feedback is appreciated and help with making better website and tools will be amazing :)

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Very cool, I am looking forward to digging into this when I have more free time. I have integrated systems like rot.js to some degree before and wanted to take things a step further like you have done, but never did.



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