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Hi guys,


It's been a while since I follow this forum but, I am a member just now.

My name is Nuno and I am starting with game development now. I am not a game developer but a javascript developer and that was the reason why I choose HTML5 + Javascript to develop game, this way I can have fun and also improve my skills.


My first game is a simple Side Scroller Game very basic. You control a caveman that needs to collect all the apples so that you can go to next level. I have chosen ImpactJS as the game engine and I am quite happy with it (why impactJS)


The game is available in my website and also in Google Chrome Store


I would appreciate any feedback ...what did you like, what could be improved etc






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Graphics and level design is cool...


On the start level and the end of the level I expect a hard wall rather then invisible wall and thin air.

Also I don't like the "air "time" and sliding physics of the main hero when jumping.


And one feature request ... please make him able to throw the axe and kill dinosaurs P

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My thoughts while playing:


  • Great Artwork! Especially for a first game.
  • Maybe Non-8-Bit-Sounds would fit better to the overall style?
  • Why the Axe when you can't use it?
  • A little tiny bit of story (why does the guy need apples?) would do good.
  • The acceleration while jumping should be as quick as while walking. Of course it's not realistic to be able to move while jumping, but it feels better.
  • Why is there an "X" for the goal? An "X" feels more like "don't go here!". Maybe replace it with a b/w checkered pattern, like at car-races?
  • Why does the guy need to go to the finish? You could give the character a girlfriend, who is waiting at the finish-area and who wants the player to bring her apples, because it's too dangerous for her to go due to the dinos :) 

All in all i think it feels really polished and I hope you'll take it a bit further!



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Hi guys,


I really appreciate your feedback! 


Agree with all your requests... specially the one to throw the axe! : ) I would love that too!


The thing is, I am just a developer and I didn't do the graphics, actually I bought them and for that reason I am very limited...


So... unfortunately:


- no sign without cross 

- no axe to throw

- no frames with character without axe

- why apples? .. well didn't have nothing more actually



At least I have a mobile version:


http://nunooliveira.me/games/apple-quest on any mobile! ; )



Maybe I'll try to make it available on Android (with more levels perhaps..)



Thank you all again!

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