Upcoming Artificial Intelligence Book or Plug-in??

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Hello everyone,

I'm developing an AI-focused book for Phaser similar to this one, but a shorter (more like a Handbook, instead).

However, some of the techniques and patterns that Phaser makes me use have given me the idea of probably expanding and improving these ideas and convert them into a Plug-in, or work directly on the Phaser repository in order to have a basic AI module similar to arcade physics in terms of scope (keep things really simple, yet functional and friendly to developers).

Would you be interested in supporting this work via IndieGoGo?
If so, would you rather have the book, the component, both?

I was thinking in working on the Phaser AI module as a stretch goal from the book, so later the whole community can benefit from it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I think that would be a great idea, especially since I don't see many resources on the topic.
I could see it being difficult though considering how many different ways you might want AI to respond.

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