Get size of loaded file when using AssetsManager

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I'm using AssetsManager to load a list of files.

Is there a way to tell a loaded file's size? e.g. by the IAssetTask returned onTaskSuccess.

I'd like to avoid using SceneLoader as I'd need to create predefined .babylon files to load, and I'd like to avoid that. (assuming I understand SceneLoader properly)

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PHP is really not needed for that, I'm talking about the file size after it finished downloading, pure client side should be enough to get that information.

I know that if I create my own functions for making file requests I can access the header "Content-Length" to find the file size, but I'd like to keep using the existing bjs AssetsManager.

As far as I know bjs returns file size in SceneLoader, I have yet to find a way to get it in AssetsManager.

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I'll steal this from another topic...

if you're loading serialized files, you don't need a *.babylon file to load the mesh with SceneLoader if you have it serialized or in JSON format somehow.

var serMesh = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.SerializeMesh(taskObject.assets.tiles, false, false);
serMesh = JSON.stringify(serMesh);
BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "data:" + serMesh, scene, function (newMeshes) {
	console.log("newMeshes: " + newMeshes);


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SceneLoader seems a bit uncomfortable to me, I might be understanding it wrong though.

Is there a way to pass urls to the SceneLoader in order to load both textures and meshes, similarly to how it's done in AssetsManager? Without creating a .babylon file / serializing.

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