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Yet another camera question

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Hello people, just got new to gamedev in general, read a lot here from babylon js forum and learned a lot of new things. 

But I got stuck and wasted almost 4 hours to find out a thing here but just cant.

So my only option is to ask here

I need to make Third person camera, and i got it working. Current implementation is, that I move my "player" regarding absolute location

LEFT          RIGHT

And the camera forward direction is not taken in consideration.

But what I need Is actually move the player forward regarding the camera forward vector.

Can someone please at least give me the solution how to find camera FW vector ?

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Oh yeah it worked, thanks

As i didnt find a precise answer on my question, Ill make a post here describing :

How to rotate a mesh based on camera forward vector.

First we need to find out camera forward vector:

 var forwardVector = BABYLON.Vector3.Normalize(this.mesh.position.subtract(data.scene.activeCamera.position));

And then we need to find the rotation angle : 

 var angle = Math.atan2(forwardVector.x, forwardVector.z)

 //And then rotate by Y axes

 this.mesh.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, angle, 0);;

Thanks! Great forum, learned a lot in 2 days!

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Hi Temptation... welcome aboard.  Or should I say... "welcome a billboard"?

(line 56 - billboardMode... options available for X, Y, Z, or ALL)

Your thing is in lines 63-65 (temporarily deactivated).  Another fun thing is at line 68.

BJS has lots of cool things to play-with, and lots of cool people.  You seem to be one, too.  Good to have you with us!  PARTY!!!

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