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My name is Florin Gusa and I make web games and tutorials for a living!

I am the creator of one of the most popular and free video tutorials on YouTube covering Phaser.

These tutorials have helped thousands to make their dream game.

I am able to show full understanding on certain topics and work with other people efficiently

I have now over 2 years of experience in using Phaser and have closely followed the development and forums since.

I am able to make mobile and/or desktop games that run efficiently using Phaser.

I work relatively fast and efficient. I have taken part in multiple game jams, here are some of those games that I have made in less than 48 hours

Here is my most recent project, StackQuest

You can contact me via email.

I respond usually within a day.

If I do not respond that means I'm already occupied with something, but don't let that discourage you!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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