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I'm Emily and I'm a freelance artist looking for paid projects, small or part-time. I'm currently booked up on revenue share projects, so I'm only available for gigs that pay as I work. 


I specialize in 2D game graphics, including:


- UI

- backgrounds

- 2D animations

- illustrations/concept art


I'm also open to doing anything else 2D animated or fully illustrated (cover art, comics...)


For samples of my portfolio, please visit:


If you feel my style of art would be suitable for your project, please contact me at:


Otherwise, please feel free to check out/play some games I've worked on:


Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you enjoy my work :)












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Photobucket no longer hosts my images for free

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I'm available for work again :)


Please feel free to contact me at


Currently I'm unavailable for profit-share projects and volunteer projects; I'm only taking paid projects right now. 


Here's a piece of game art I've done for an up and coming Visual Novel Game, Queen at Arms:



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I'm available for work again. I'm unavailable for volunteer/profit-share projects. 


Please contact me by e-mail to ensure that I get your messages:


Here's some new work I've done for a client:





And here's some other new work:




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