Mighty Editor or Phaser Editor ??

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 Which Editor is Better ??

I'm Actually looking for a software that I could use for developing phaser games!!

My target software is a drag and drop way for developing the visual game aspects, assest organization, sprite/spritesheet editor/maker but the code is still made from phaser framework and can be exported and use outside the software while for coding game mechanics I want auto completion and other IDE alike features ??

Any Suggestions ??

Mighty Editor

-Pros: ??

-Cons ??

Phaser Editor

-Pros ??


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I use both licensed version. There are many features inside Mighty Editor that "optimize" earlier version of Phaser 2.x., and there is much to learn from their process on how they manage the Phaser/Pixi canvas.

Phase Editor is a superior tool to develop single state scenes. As demonstrated in my game prototype here

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