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Hi all,

I'm looking for a handful of forum moderators to help out here.

All you will have to do is read the posts made by newbies, and approve them, or delete them if they are spam. That's it.

It doesn't take long to do. I've been doing it myself for several years now, but it would be good to have some help, especially in other timezones to the UK.

The only requirement is that you visit the forum at least every couple of days, and don't mind actually doing this of course. Moderators on this forum don't have any other 'elevated' privs, you will remain, to all intents and purposes, a 'normal' user - just with permissions to approve posts. I've seen all too often when mods can get out of hand, as if the 'power' goes to their heads, and that isn't something I want here.

If you like the forum, visit often, and are happy to read + click 'approve' on a bunch of posts each day, that's good enough for me. Please just reply to this post stating your timezone. I'll pick mods based on your engagement (i.e. how many posts you've made) and a cursory look at your reputation (i.e. how others respond to you in those posts)



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Thanks everyone. I've picked 4 new mods: @rgk @True Valhalla @ozdy @mattstyles - you should all now have the ability to access the 'ModerationCP' from your settings drop-down icon (top right of the forum). You've got the ability to do moderator things: approve, edit, lock and warn users. You should also be able to access the Moderators board on the forum - let me know if you can't (or none of the above works) and I'll sort it.

That will be enough mods for now, but thanks to the others that replied too.



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