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I have been working on this little game for a little over a month, and I am reaching the point where I would like to test out network performance and get some feedback on the game in general.

The game is a multiplayer ball game for 2-8 players. It is my first HTML5 game, I have done some flash games before but that is a while ago. The game uses THREE.js, Physijs and with uWebSockets for the network part.

I hope you have some contructive criticism for me. Maybe an idea on what could make this more fun and addictive to play?

If you have an opinion on what I should prioritize in development then please point it out here

Thanks in advance. And I hope that I am welcome in this community even though my first post is a feedback request on a half done game...

You can try it out here:

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The game was pretty nice, I didn't get to play against anyone over the network but it was fluid. One thing I noticed is I got the ball above the net, thus ending the game. I also think the physics can feel a little more natural, it was quite difficult to get the ball away from the side etc...

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