.manifest file not found error

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Hello all,

while loading "sample.obj"  file  its giving me an "sample.obj.manifest" not found error.

also for the sample.obj its throwing an unhandled expression error at line 629 in babylon.objFileLoader.js

need to know the reason for these error.

Also when doing incremental loading .obj / .babylon any file already added in that project gives Not Found issue.


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Downloaded the 3d model (.obj) which contains .mtl also. My object files doesnt work in playground and i dont know how to upload that .obj to playground site.

so this is my code.

   var loader = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene);

   myDoor = loader1.addMeshTask("myDoor", "", "objDoor/", "door.obj");
                myDoor.onSuccess = function(c) {
                    c.loadedMeshes.forEach(function(b) {                    
                            b.position.x = pickResult.pickedPoint.x;
                            b.position.z = pickResult.pickedPoint.z;
                            b.position.y = pickResult.pickedPoint.y;                       


    loader.onFinish = function() {
        engine.runRenderLoop(function () {


While loading door.obj  gives an door.obj.manifest not found error.


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ignore it

just apply your materials to your object in scene... forget a manifest file unless its a custom one you made to handle the materials and objects...

Just sayin its a waist of time, and that error drops no matter what, so yeah ignore it.

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@VidyaBharati you don't need a manifest, you can ignore that error completely. it doesn't affect anything.

Regarding the " unhandled expression error"..

please copy & paste the error you get in your browser console.. there could be many reasons. 

Also if possible;

create a PG (you can host your obj file from github for free and reference it in the PG via github raw)

Or, a live demo on your own server/website, etc, displaying the error.

we can't help with no real information on the error itself.

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