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I'd like to showcase my latest HTML5 game to you - Tiny Thor - a 2D Platformer with 8Bit Pixel graphics.  ;)

Tiny Thor
Play it here

Available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing!



  • Great retro look

  • Throw the hammer to destroy enemies and surroundings

  • Defeat throngs of enemies and end bosses

  • Collect jewels and coins

  • Solve tricky switch puzzles

  • Purchase awesome special capabilities and upgrades in the store

  • Ingenious chiptune soundtrack

I hope you like it. If you find any issues, please let me know.


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Really good work, I really liked the aesthetic

I had a few peeves, the camera moving around felt odd, can't really put my finger on why, just seemed a little jumpy. Also, I would have liked WASD movement instead/as well as the arrows. Whilst I would normally play a platformer with the arrows, as this one uses the mouse too it was pretty much impossible for me on a trackpad and would have felt odd to use my left hand on the arrow keys (right side of keyboard) + mouse. Also also, I didn't play full screen and when I completed a level some of the UI was off canvas, cut off at the bottom. The small font vector font was a little odd too, I'd have thought it would be big, chunky and rasterised like the rest of the aesthetic, although maybe I'm nitpicking.

Super game though, love the panning on the menu (although, again, didn't really fit with the rest of the aesthetic), and the flow is super crisp, really hard thing to get feeling right. The character movement felt crisp and responsive as well, great work.

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