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Mapping Tiles - While Using Arcade Slopes Plugin

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Since my previous post I have been wondering on how I can map tiles myself within Phaser using the slopes plugin. If I wanted to include tiles such as "hills" or different sorts of slopes, are there any good tutorials out there that explains this? It would be very beneficial to the game I am creating. I am using 32x32 tiles with arcade physics. I've read in this file I downloaded about a  "Arcade Slopes converter" which I'm unsure about. I've included the current tile sheet I created and using to test things out as well as the full code. Any help is appreciated!

This is my current code for the mapping of my tiles.,{
        1:  'FULL',
        2:  'FULL',
        3:  'FULL',
        4:  'FULL',
        5:  'FULL',
        6:  'FULL',
        7:  'FULL',
        8:  'FULL',
        9:  'HALF_TOP',
        10: 'FULL',
        12: 'FULL',
        13: 'HALF_BOTTOM_LEFT',
        14: 'HALF_BOTTOM_RIGHT',
        15: 'HALF_BOTTOM_LEFT',



Test Game Phaser.rar


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