Phaser: Problems with non-English symbols in localization files

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I have a problem, friends:

I use Phaser text objects in my game: game.add.text(...

My way of implementing game localization is the simplest possible way: I just store strings like var locString_testString = 'test string' in a separate .js files.

When I use English, everything is fine. But when I change 'test string' to something like "ぽ", weird stuff (check the attachment) is displayed.

My files are in UTF-8.

I checked docs, but didn't find anything according to locale/localization.

Maybe some of you faced the same problem? I will appreciate any help!



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I agree with @mattstyles suggestion, but on a recent project I was involved with the localisation issue arose because Excel wouldn't export some characters correctly to CSV. I ended up creating the files in OpenOffice which seemed to edit the text file (CSV in this case) "raw".



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I am digging this...

Just noticed a strange behaviour: when I use \u1321 code symbols, sometimes it works: if my localization file contains 死, Phaser fails to display it. If I use something like \u1231, it displays a right letter. 

It seems it's an encoding problem. Hell.

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