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game world width/height on 46' portrait mode screen

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Hi, a game needs to run on a 46' screen or 48' screen in full-screen, where the screen orientation is set to portrait mode in PC. The resolution is 1920x1080 as it is 16:9. How should I model the game world, its width and height? And the size of the objects/images of the game?

If I make the game world 1080/1920 as well as background image (1080px/1920px) and game object/images relative to these dimensions, will it look ok on full-screen?


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You basically have two options:

Either constrain the size of your game world to a specific ratio and simply scale up down to maximise the game world within the viewport i.e. if you design your game world at 800:600 (4:3) and the size of your viewport is 1200 then you'll want to upscale by 1.5 to turn your 800:600 into 1200:900, (its the ratio that is key, not the actual figures), however, there is an issue here if the viewport can not support 900 height, if it is larger then you'll get some redundant screen space (this isn't always too much of a problem, but still awkward), if it is smaller then you can not upscale by 1.5 and instead need to work out how much you need to scale by. Unless your chosen resolution matches the viewport (which is unlikely given the sheer number of screens/devices) then you'll always get some letter-boxing or post-boxing where you have redundant space either top/bottom or left/right.

The alternate is to draw as much of your game world as possible in the viewport, in the case of a top-down or 4-way side scroller this isn't usually too much of a problem, you simply draw more or less as the viewport changes size, possibly also performing some scaling for very small or very large screens. 

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