Phaser Iso and Kenney Tiles

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These are 'proper' isometric ratio tiles, so you need to add this to your preload state, as by default the projection angle is for pixel art isometric ratio tiles:

game.iso.projectionAngle = Phaser.Plugin.Isometric.ISOMETRIC;

All you then need to do is change the spacing when you generate your tiles - 149 seems to work well:

      // create the floor tiles
      var floorTile;
      for (var xt = 0; xt <= 1024; xt += 149) {
        for (var yt = 0; yt <= 1024; yt += 149) {
          /* it should be a random with diffrent tiles */
          floorTile = game.add.isoSprite(xt, yt, 0, 'tile', 0, floorGroup);


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