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Today I started playing with Aseprite and they have a new command tool to export your spreadsheet to a PNG/Json wich is compatible with Phaser/Pixi so I made this :)




Also I used Grunt to make my deploy system easier, I followed this tutorial wich explains very easy how to use Grunt.

And I start wondering if there are other tools that may be usefull to develop with Phaser.


So wich tools do you guys use for your Phaser games ?


Other one i have used :) Leshy SpriteSheet Tool 

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Here are the tools that I am using along with Phaser:


TexturePacker to pack individual sprites into one single spritesheet.

ShoeBox contains many tools, I've used it's spritesheet and bitmap font generators.

audiosprite to generate audio sprites, for some reason it didn't work on my Mac but worked great on Windows.

http-server makes really easy to test your game on a local web server.

uglify-js to concatenate and minify your javascript code.

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Want to share something about shoebox :)


The .js file which is generated the one with json data has a " , "  comma after the last element which bugs Phaser... so you have to remove it manualy

and then everything woks ok.


Maybe if someone has contact with shoebox dev tell them about that... (also i'm referinf the pixi.js exporter template)

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Not sure if someone has mentioned this, but this Phaser Generator for Yeoman is so awesome.


It gives you 'grunt' command for local development (watch for change in CSS / JS with JSLint and livereload).

It also gives 'grunt dist' command to pack the game.


No copy and paste to create new project, just run 'yo phaser' and everything is done for you :)


This is the first time I am using Yeoman / grunt, so I think you would be able to use it too by following instruction.

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I'm going to resurrect this thread rather than make a new one. (Or should I have just made a new one?)

Things change so quickly, this thread being a year old, I can't help but wonder if any of these tools have been dropped in favor of newer ones.

I'm brand new to Phaser so I don't have any information of my own to share, unfortunately, except that Physics Body Editor seems to be a viable free alternative to PhysicsEditor.

What are other people using?


I found this more recent thread, but it doesn't talk about physics editors.

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