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Should reserved words be renamed / deprecated?

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Hi, while making a 3D modeller, I found that the Curve3 class has a function named "continue", which seems to be a reserved word. Apparently it hasn't broken anything thus far, so is it fine, or should it be deprecated / renamed to "concat"?

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2 hours ago, jerome said:

mmmh... in our case continue() is just a method of a Curve3 instance, so something like that : curve1.continue(curve2);

This is nothing to do with the js statement : continue;

I know, but the page I linked lists it as reserved, and says "In JavaScript, some identifiers are reserved words and cannot be used as variables or function names."

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JavaScript Objects, Properties, and Methods

You should also avoid using the name of JavaScript built-in objects, properties, and methods:

Array Date eval function hasOwnProperty
Infinity isFinite isNaN isPrototypeOf length
Math NaN name Number Object
prototype String toString undefined valueOf

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Reserved words in JS are only illegal to use as identifiers for local vars and functions. Object properties can be named pretty much anything.

myobj.for = 1
myobj.var = 2 = 3
myobj.break = 4
myobj.continue = 5

All perfectly fine. Even the words in Jerome's post are legal variable names - it's just suggesting they be avoided for clarity's sake.

Long story short, nothing at all to worry about here.

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